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Tiny Smiles™ Donut Brush

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Tiny Smiles™ Donut Brush

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Brushing Your Kid's Teeth Just Got Easier

The Donut Brush is the world’s best u-shaped toothbrush with a unique design to make brushing fun, fast, and easy for kids 2 years or older.

Featuring soft food grade silicone bristles and a non-slip handle design, The Donut Brush is safe and effective in cleaning all teeth even the hard-to-reach ones in the back. 

Clinically Tested and Proven by Experts

 A group of 60 kids aged between 2 to 13 years (along with their parents) was selected to test the safety & effectiveness of Tiny Smiles Donut Brush. The participants used the Donut Brush once a week for 2 weeks, brushing for 1 minute.

Here are the results:

95% of kids enjoyed the fun experience, instantly after the first try.
70% of parents noticed an improvement in their kid's brushing habits:
independent, easier, and more frequent brushing
80% of kids preferred the Donut Brush over a regular toothbrush.


Kids Love It! 


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The Donut Brush is made of food-grade silicone material that is safe for babies. Food grade silicone is an FDA approved non-toxic type of silicone that does not contain any chemical byproducts making it completely safe to use for babies. Its bristles are also softer than traditional toothbrush bristles, which can be beneficial for people with sensitive teeth.

The good news is yes! Regular toothpaste will work just fine with The Donut Brush. You should apply a pea-size amount on two parts of each side of the brush and it will spread across all the teeth when you start rotating the brush.

Our Donut Brush is safe to use on braces and other dental work. It won’t cause damage, and your little one will still get a great clean! Just make sure they move the brush around their mouth during the cleaning cycle to clean all surface areas around their braces.

Some cheaper u-shaped toothbrushes may look similar or even identical but are made of different quality that may not always be safe for children!

Tiny Smiles is the first store in the middle east to design this original toothbrush that is made of completely safe FDA approved food grade material. Our Donut Brush has been reviewed by pediatric dentists and was found to be completely safe and effective for children.

When buying a toothbrush for kids, it is important to be aware of the source to ensure safety and effectiveness of the brush. The original Donut Brush by Tiny Smiles can only be purchased through our website, instagram, or facebook page for now.

The Donut Brush is suitable for children who are just learning to brush their teeth and for children who have difficulties maintaining good oral health. It is easy to use, safe, effective, and very practical.

Of course, your kid won't need to use The Donut Brush forever. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child may be ready to switch to an adult toothbrush around age 10. Before that, The Donut Brush is a fun way to promote and stimulate your child’s interest in teeth brushing and promoting healthy habits for the future.


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